Teams Analyzer Node Installation

Each testing "node" in your network will perform a media (audio) test to Microsoft's Transport Relay Edge infrastructure in Office 365. Once an audio test has completed, your node will collect statistics along with location and performance data (if you've allowed it). Lastly it uploads your data to your tenant at

We are happy to announce our Microsoft Teams App is now available to testers!
Read the instructions on how to upload an app package into Microsoft Teams and start using our app.
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  1. Make sure you are using a supported operating system for your Teams Analyzer node:
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
  2. Install Windows Management Framework 5.1 from the Microsoft website.
  3. Make sure you have basic connectivity to the Internet.

Windows Management Framework (WMF), which includes PowerShell 5.1, is a required install for Windows 7 through to Windows 8.1 including server operating systems 2008 R2 through to 2012 R2. This sofware is included in Windows 10.


The installation of the Teams Analyzer Node sofware is hosted and maintained at You can install the module manually on each node using the steps below. The first step will find the module at and install it locally to the PC. The second step performs most of the work of preparing the node for data collection which is described in detail below.

Along with the installation of your node, you must obtain a Subscription API Key by subscribing to one of our products.


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Once you have registered, navigate to the Products section of the site to subscribe to both the network node and reporting API products. You will need both to register nodes and view their data.
  3. After receiving approval to your subscription you will have access to your Subscription API Key from your profile page. You will use your key to authorize your network nodes and can use either the primary or secondary key for this purpose.
  4. From an admin PowerShell prompt type: Install-Module -Name TeamsAnalyzerNode
  5. Using your API key and domain you registered with, type: New-TaNetworkNode -ApiKey [apiKey] -DomainName [domainName]

The next step is to acitvate your node...

What does it install and change?

The PowerShell module will install the Microsoft Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool, establish a connection with the Internet to register itself, and wait for activation by a tenant owner. The high-level steps are as follows:

  1. Installs the Microsoft Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool
  2. Generates a random Node ID (guid) to identify the node
  3. Creates scheduled tasks for a Controller, an Audio Test, a Connectivity Test, and a task for Automatic Updates.
  4. Creates registry entries under HKLM:\Software\TeamsAnalyzerNode containing your key, domain name, and various tenant settings.

For information about what the scheduled tasks do, please visit our page about how it all works.