Node Activation

Once you install your first Teams Analyzer network node, you will need to activate it before it will begin testing. There are two ways to activate your nodes:

  1. Install our Teams App and configure notifications for new node registrations.
  2. Activate the node by editing it from the Network Nodes page.

Once a node is activated it is permitted to upload testing data to our API. The node will check in every two minutes after installation to see if an IT Admin has activated it or not.

Node activation using the website

You can view, activate, de-activate, and delete network nodes from the Network Nodes page. Additionally, you can use the REST API at after subscribing to one of our products. Please submit feedback using the link on the page footer if you feel this feature would be valuable.

  1. While logged in, click the Network Nodes link to navigate to the page containing all network nodes and activity information.
  2. Click the edit button on the network node you wish to activate.
  3. Choose to Activate the node from the drop-down box, then click Save.